Start by Showing Up

We all know this story: It’s Sunday night and you have the best of intentions to wake up refreshed at 5:00 am on Monday, get a killer sweaty workout in, and head off to work feeling accomplished and strong… but when that alarm goes off at 5:00 am, you groan, punch the snooze button, and go right back to sleep. Later that day, you feel guilty about not getting up, and now you need to squeeze your workout in right after work, but you realize you didn’t even bring your gym bag to work. So you abandon yet another attempt at a healthy start to your week and just go home and watch Real Housewives. Sound familiar?

This is something that we’ve definitely struggled with, and something we know our clients have struggled with as well.

We often have the best intentions to workout, but we let excuses and poor planning get the best of us. Well ladies of Size Strong, it’s time to exercise our Discipline muscles and our Planning muscles and start accomplishing those workouts that we spend too much time thinking about, and not enough time sweating about.

So here it is: Size Strong’s method for getting those workouts in without letting any excuses get in your way. We ask you going forward to channel that inner fighter, that inner athlete, that inner warrior that doesn’t just do what she feels like doing in the moment but flexes those trained and defined discipline muscles and does what needs to be done! We’ve designed the tips below to help you get your badass warrior self up and sweating


  • Here’s your new mantra: “No matter how I feel now, I know I’ll feel great when I’m done.” This is such a great thing to remind yourself of on days when you’re feeling tired, lazy, or catch yourself making excuses or justifying skipping a work out. (NOTE: If you are sick, allow yourself to be sick and DO NOT get your workout it. You’re the only one who knows your body and knows when you really need a rest versus when you are just making excuses.)
  • Set your workouts as appointments — and treat them that way. This is your appointment with yourself to be your best self, it’s just as important as anything else in that big daily agenda of yours

photo (15)


For you morning athletes, the name of the game is “don’t think — just do.” Just set one foot in front of the other, get your booty to the gym, and get it done. The less you have to think about or do to get yourself there the easier it’s going to be. Here are a few specific tips to help make the transition from dreams to dumbbells more seamless:

  • Set your alarm and commit to NOT hitting snooze. If you are able to, make your alarm a fun song that gets you excited and even send yourself a fun message or an inspiring quote to help add some pep to your step first thing in the morning
  • Set out everything the night before: your workout outfit, your coffee mug, your filled water bottle… everything. You should not have to make any decisions that early in the morning — be ready to grab everything and go
  • Get a partner in crime to meet you at the gym. It’s a lot harder to go back to sleep when someone is counting on you to show up


  • Don’t stop at home on your way to the gym. Pack your bag the night before, bring it to work, and head straight to your workout.  Stopping at home before your sweat session makes it super tempting to pour yourself into that old pair of sweats and plant that booty on the couch
  • Whatever happens during work day, whether it’s something you want to celebrate or feel sad about or furious about, don’t let it become an excuse to skip your workout. Instead, make it your REASON to go get that sweat in. Trust us, it will be a therapeutic experience that you’ll be glad you didn’t miss
  • Recruit a buddy to work out with you. It’s always more fun to make it social and to help encourage and hold each other accountable

And there you have it! The main thing to remember is that it’s just as important to train qualities like discipline and commitment as it is to train your lats and quads. They make you stronger, just like everything else you practice mindfully. Go forth and sweat!

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