Fuel Strong: Sundried, Shredded, and Sweet Saute

Happy Fall Thursday to all — can you believe it’s already October?! Where did the summer go?? Well no worries, because we’ve got the perfect recipe to help ease you into the fall spirit. Ready for a mouthful of alliteration? Size Strong’s Sundried, Shredded, & Sweet Saute — the perfect side dish for all your cozy fall comfort food needs.

2014-08-26 18.13.53

1.5 cups shredded Brussels sprouts
1 medium to large sweet potato
sundried tomatoes to taste  (we used 1/4 cup)
Kerry Gold butter or olive oil

1. Shred the Brussels sprouts in your food processor (Pro Tip: Buy them already shredded from the store — we’re all busy here!)
2 .Dice up your sweet potato into delicious bite-sized pieces
3. Put your cooking fat of choice into your saute pan and begin to cook the diced sweet potatoes on a medium heat
4. Once sweet potatoes start to soften, add in brussels sprouts and sundried tomatoes. Cook on medium heat until sweet potatoes are fully softened

How easy is that? Season to taste and serve alongside your favorite protein — or add fried/poached eggs on top for a delicious fall hash. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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