Friday Fit Fashion: An Outfit from Fabletics

Let’s be honest: when we look good, we feel good! And while we’re certainly driven to get to the gym because we love to move and love to sweat, sometimes it’s putting on a great outfit that motivates a workout.

One of our favorite fitness apparel brands right now is Fabletics, a web-based fitness apparel company that’s all about fashion, function, and fit. (Bonus: It’s also incredibly affordable.) We love this brand so much that I actually rep the brand as a Fabletics Master, and here is one of my absolute favorite outfits.


Switch Back Tee in black
A new item this month and perfect for fall. After a particularly hard class, I love peeling off my sweaty tank and putting this on — it’s a great item to walk out of the studio in so I can get on with my day in style.

Vaasa Sports Bra in mulberry
Another new item this month! I love the details on this bra. It’s not super compressive, but it’s great for yoga, barre, or other low-impact workouts. The mulberry color is such a great pop as well.

Salar Capri in camo
These are a favorite from the Fabletics summer line, and I’m particularly obsessed with the camo print. All the Salar leggings are amazing, though — they fit true to size, are comfortably compressive, and the patterns are so fun!

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