Friday Fit Fashion: Patterned Leggings and Hidden Treasures in the Juniors Department

The joke within my circle of friends is that there’s no place I won’t wear workout clothes to. This is sad but true — when you spend most of your days in yoga pants, the idea of pants that button and zip is nothing short of horrifying (I refer to them as “leg prisons”). While I certainly don’t advocate that you adopt my m.o. of showing up sweaty to nice restaurants, I do think there’s a lot of fun, great “crossover” clothes out there right now, perfect for running from yoga to the bar. In honor of these final precious days of “summer” here in NYC, here’s one of my favorite looks. (To transition it to fall, I’ll swap the sandals for boots, throw on a long sweater, and call it a day.)


Sparta Leggings from Dona Jo Fitwear
I love love love Dona Jo Fitwear and their amazing leggings. This Pittsburgh-based company manufactures their clothes in Brazil and releases new prints on a regular basis. Prints are rarely brought back once they’ve sold out, which gives you the incentive to grab them up while you can! Purchase online and follow them on Instagram (@donajofitwear) for great outfit ideas and new print releases. I own many many pairs of their leggings, but so far this Sparta print is my favorite — bold, colorful, and ready to make a statement.

Owl Tank from Rebellious One
I’ll tell you a secret — I love to shop in the juniors’ department. I’m not particularly small or anything, but I can usually find tanks and tees that fit, and why should the teens have all the fun with prints and graphics?! I snagged this owl tank in the juniors’ department at Macy’s and love it. I also love that this is something I can throw in my bag to change into after a workout that fits the outift and keeps me from being the one who smells terrible at the bar.

BP Heart-shaped Sunglasses 
The juniors’ department strikes again! In my over 30 years of being alive, NOTHING I have owned has gotten me as many compliments as these $12 sunglasses from Nordstrom. I actually have 3 or 4 pairs in reserve in case they break or get lost. They add a little fun to any outfit I put on, and you can bet I’m rocking them as long as the sun is shining. I’ve also seen similar ones at Urban Outfitters.

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