“I am powerful, so anything is possible.”



Here at Size Strong, we are obviously all about strength and being strong, but there is another word that we’ve been playing around with a lot, that carries a lot of weight and strength behind it: POWER.


Part of what I love to do with my clients in class is provide them with a fresh perspective and unique motivation each and every time I teach. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the phrase “I am powerful, so anything is possible,” and something weird happened. It gave me the chills, it made me scared, and it made me feel, well… invincible.


At this point in my fitness life, I feel comfortable talking about strength and considering myself strong, but powerful? In order to start feeling comfortable with that idea, I needed to take a closer look at what power actually means to me. Here’s our non-Webster’s-Dictorionary, Size Strong definition of power: strength executed with control. Power is knowing deep down that you have the strength to do something and executing that strength with precision, accuracy, and heart. Power is standing tall and facing the challenges thrown at you with confidence, grace, guts, and calm.


Power is definitely an idea we will explore more here at Size Strong. But this week, today, this moment, start repeating this mantra in your head: “I am powerful, so anything is possible.” Feel your shoulders roll back and away from your ears, feel your breath steady, and feel yourself dig even deeper to live every part of your life with strength and control.

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