8 Things That Make Us Feel Powerful

Earlier this week, we talked about POWER and how we can feel capable of anything when we learn how to execute our strength with control. We’re heading into the weekend with 8 things that make us feel powerful and ultimately happy in our lives.

1. Pull-ups. Learning how to do them is a challenging journey, but nothing makes you feel more powerful than pulling your own dangling body up.


2. Not letting food guilt run our lives. It’s just food, not an evil fat-making monster. It’s so empowering when you start calling the shots. Yes, we focus on eating healthfully because it makes our bodies feel good, but we also absolutely enjoy eating. And when we “indulge”, it’s because we CHOOSE to, and there is ZERO guilt allowed. Now that’s power!

3. Self-defense training. This is such a great way to expand your awareness of your environment and learn how you can use your body as a tool to stay safe no matter what your strength or size.

4. Honoring our commitment to work/life balance. Although we can be Type A yes-girls who leap at every opportunity to do more and learn more for our careers, there is something really powerful about setting boundaries. Especially when you are Type A and especially when you are passionate about your career, it’s difficult to maintain balance. Creating no-email time, not allowing ourselves to stay glued to our phones, honoring “me” time, and really making time for friends and family have helped us to feel calmer and happier — which helps us work harder, better, and with more joy.

5. Tossing out the scale. Those silly numbers do NOT rule us anymore.

6. Getting all dolled up for a night on the town. Though day-to-day we live in sweaty yoga pants and track jackets (and love every second of it), it’s really nice to get all dressed up and appreciate other aspects of our personality. It’s nice to know you don’t have to be an athlete OR a yogi OR a Warrior OR a girly girl. You get to be all of the above if you want to (and more), and sometimes it feels really powerful to embrace our more glamorous and feminine side.

7. Not being afraid of failure. If we only get stronger by discovering and working through our weaknesses, then we only achieve success by experiencing failure. Bring it on!

8. Carrying in all of your groceries in one trip. There is nothing that makes us feel tougher than loading up our arms with multiple bags as we battle with doors, keys, and stairs in the sweaty endeavor to only make one trip.

Have a POWERFUL weekend! What things make YOU feel powerful?

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