It’s Time (to Toss Your Scale)

Happy Friday, you strong, wonderful women.

As the cold sets in, we find ourselves in the midst of the same old unhealthy “body weight vis-a-vis food” rhetoric — only now, dressed in its holiday best! Yes, it’s the time of year for family and love and fun, but it’s also time marked by back-to-back holidays that center around/are filled with food. From the moment those mini Twix bars hit your office through that New Year’s Day hangover pizza, tis the season to consume, consume, consume.


All this consuming leads to a lot of talk about gaining weight and avoiding weight gain around the holidays. You’re about to be bombarded (let’s not lie, it’s probably happening right now) by articles telling you how you can enjoy the holidays without putting on extra pounds, by friends planning their pre and post Thanksgiving workouts to negate any gluttony that might take place, by ads for weight loss supplements and juice cleanses and workouts guaranteed to take off that holiday weight. Before you get lost in it, we have a holiday present idea for you to get yourself: GET RID OF YOUR SCALE. NOW. FOR GOOD.

It’s more than an idea — it’s a plea. Get it out of your bathroom, get it out of your house! Seriously, be done with it. You are worth so much more than what you weigh. That number flashing up at you is such a poor, inaccurate reflection of who you are, how strong you are, and how healthy you are. When you are able to stop assigning your self-worth to whether a particular number makes you happy or not, you’ll finally be able to take control of your fitness, your health, and most importantly – your happiness.

We at Size Strong know all about struggles with the scale — with being slaves to it, obsessed with its judgment. We’ve both gone through periods of needing to weigh ourselves every morning at the same time (right after waking up, and after peeing, of course). We’ve let that number dictate how we were going to feel that day — head held high and confident, or upset, frustrated, and digusted with ourselves.

Looking back on this destructive behavior from the outside now it seems crazy, obsessive, and stupid — but the fact is, whenever we talk about this with other women, we get heads nodding in agreement and similar stories shot right back. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we assign our self-worth to a number that only tells us what amount of force is exerted on our bodies by gravity? More importantly, why are we so obsessive over something that really doesn’t tell us the whole story? Why do we let it rule our moods, or happiness, the way we lead our lives?

Get off the scale. Your self-worth and your progress in strength and in health are not reflected in the numbers it shows you. Muscle weighs more than fat — don’t forget that. Stop focusing on that arbitrary scale number and start focusing on the things that are really important. Focus on increasing your energy levels, increasing strength, increasing power, speed, agility, coordination. Focus on nutrition, on proper sleep, on forming healthy and productive relationships. Measure how many times you laugh, how far you can run or jump, and how long you can hold a handstand.

Get rid of your scale and start allowing yourself to feel comfortable in your own skin. You are an incredibly special person, so let your confidence shine through. The only numbers that matter today are the number of seconds it takes you to put that scale away for good.

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