Let’s Give Thanks For Strength!

As we spend this week reflecting on all the things we are thankful for, some of the obvious things definitely come to mind: family, friends, career, the ability to wear yoga pants every day of my life. But what I’m really feeling thanks for this holiday season is my strength. I’m thankful for the strength of my body. I’m thankful for the strength of my mind, and I’m thankful for the strength of my spirit. With that in mind, I designed this Thanksgiving Day workout to “thank” my body, mind, and spirit for always staying strong and helping me weather everything that I put it through. As a big thank you to you, I’ve posted the workout below, so you too can share in this act of Thanksgiving with me!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete Circuits 1 – 6 for time, take a full one minute break, and then repeat the whole workout trying to finish either quicker, or in the same amount of time. This workout is a mix of cardio, plyometrics, and full body strength training that will leave you sweating, burning, and feeling total satisfaction once you’ve completed it. Try not to stop between movements – the workout is designed to help you mix up the cardio and strength work and hits different body parts so you should be able to go all the way through with very little to no rest. Good luck, and have a strong, satisfying Thanksgiving!

Give Thanks For Your Strength Workout


1 min            Jumping Jacks

1 min            Slow Squats to Full Depth

1 min            Arm Circles – big circles 30 seconds, 30 seconds  the other way

 Circuit 1:

50            Air Squats

Circuit 2:

40            Sumo Squat Jumps (start in a wide sumo, jump both feet together, then back apart)

40            Butterfly Sit-Ups

Circuit 3:

30             Plank Jacks (start in a plank position and  jack your legs out and in)

30            Arm Haulers (lay on your stomach, keep your lower body still, lift your chest and try to touch your                  elbows behind your back)

30            Glute Bridges

 Circuit 4:

20             Push-Ups

20             Tricep Dips

20            Curtsey Squats

20            Jumping Switching Lunges

Circuit 5: 

10             Squat Jumps

10            Side Lunges

10            Down Dog Push-Ups

10            Crab Twists

10           Burpees

Circuit 6:

1 Minute High Knee Runs in Place


*Legal Disclaimer: This workout and any other information on this site is intended for general reference purposes only and is not intended to address specific medical conditions. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice or a medical exam. Prior to participating in any exercise program or activity, you should seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional.

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