Don’t Succumb to Your Grinch!

Well, it’s Tuesday and it’s Christmas Eve EVE. Yesterday was nuts! I ran around like a mad woman, and today doesn’t look any simpler. I feel overwhelmed and anxious and my acid reflux is kicking into high gear. Every task I have to accomplish is daunting, every person I encounter is driving me nuts, and all I can think about is the surviving until tonight when I will get a mini-vacation away from everything and everyone for a few days.

I’ve let the Grinch of the crazy, overwhelming holiday season take over and rob me of enjoying my week.

photo (1)

What the hell?! Well, it’s time to reassess, because I don’t like feeling this way, I don’t like feeling like I’m treading water, I don’t like being frustrated with myself and those around me, and I’m certainly not enjoying this acid burning up my throat.

I am in control of my happiness, so lets figure out how to get back to that place.

Understanding that you have control over your own happiness is a really tough concept to grasp. On the outside, it may appear that being in control of your happiness means that you are all rainbows and sunshine all the time, not a care in the world, skipping through life. Well, I don’t really think that’s possible, necessary, or even sane. It’s a fact that you are going to feel crummy sometimes. It’s a fact that you are going to be downright livid, exhausted, sad, and frustrated. Those are all valid emotions, and we all have them, regularly, and anyone who says they don’t is lying to you and/or themselves.

That being said, we do have control over our overall happiness by choosing to focus on the things that make us happy. When we encounter situations that make us feel livid, exhausted, sad, or frustrated it’s easy for us to really dig our heels in and dwell on it, and live in that awful feeling. It’s a strong emotion and we enjoy strong emotions. Anger and sadness are easy strong emotions, we have to work a little harder sometimes at excitement and joy, but they feel waaaaay better and prove to be a lot more productive in the end

So humor me here for a moment. What would happen if we just acknowledged that we feel this negative emotion, took a deep breath, and let it go as we exhaled placing a big fat smile on our faces?

Try it.


Try it.

Acknowledge the BS you are dealing with right now, take a deep breath in, force the negativity out on your exhale and light up your face with a smile…

…I don’t know about you, but that felt kinda REALLY good. Sure it’s not a permanent fix to my problems, but I know that I personally feel better in this moment, and I feel more equip to DEAL with my problems. It feels like I’m above them now and can come at them from a more rational, balanced and powerful place. Not only that, but now I’m finding myself enjoying my coffee that til this moment I was just mindlessly chugging. I’m noticing the Christmas music playing at the coffee shop I’m at right now that before just sounded like noise, and RIGHT NOW… I feel good.

I like feeling good.

When life throws you for a loop, take a deep breath in, breathe in all the positivity and goodness around you, breathe out all the nonsense, BS, doubts, fears, and garbage. Put a big ol smile on your face and take in all the good around you. Allow yourself to see the good, allow yourself to be happy even in the midst of stress, turmoil, and frustration. You deserve it. Put yourself back in the driver seat and SMILE.

If this doesn’t work for you, then you need to take a closer look  inside and figure out why you believe you don’t deserve to be happy – because you definitely do.

Be Happy. Be Strong. Enjoy the Holidays!!

One thought on “Don’t Succumb to Your Grinch!

  1. Noah Weiss says:

    Even though life is full of nonpositive and negative stimuli, the secret is learning when it is possible to positivize them. As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.

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