We Have a Dream

We have a dream.

That we will help women everywhere learn to be happy, secure, and comfortable in their own skin.
That our society will become one that rewards strength and accomplishment over physical attributes.
That girls will be raised to love real food and view it as nourishment and to love moving their bodies and view it as joy; rather than approaching food with guilt and exercise with obligation.
That we will never tie our self worth to a number on the scale or the size of a pair of jeans.
That we will stop comparing our bodies and our abilities to the other people’s totally different bodies and abilities.
That we will always offer support and encouragement, not judgment and scorn.
That we will cut ourselves some slack when we need it most.
That we will arm ourselves with knowledge and surround ourselves with inspiration.
That we will leave a legacy of acceptance.
Of happiness.
Of strength.

We have a dream.

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