The Buddy System

Ok guys, it’s the beginning of February now. The excitement and novelty of our New Year’s resolutions has worn off, it’s FREEZING outside (at least in Chicago & NYC), and we begin to slip back into our old lazy habits of sweatpants, Gilmore Girls marathons, and red wine. Ok, there is NOTHING wrong with the three things I just mentioned, in fact I mentioned them because it’s what I like to do to unwind myself. What I mean to say is, when the glamour and novelty is gone and we are left all alone, it’s hard to stick to the “plan” and it’s easy to get lost.

Enter, The Buddy System! You remember it right? When you’d get paired up with a buddy in elementary school so you wouldn’t get lost at the museum? Well, employing a buddy system for your fitness life can, not only keep you from getting lost, it can make fitness that much more fun and part of your life – not something you have to do in spite of your life. In fact, there is a ton of current fitness research out there that suggests that having a fitness buddy makes a huge impact on the success of your fitness goals. Type it into google and see it all for yourself! Ok do you believe me now? Great! So how do you make The Buddy System work for you?

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Ways to Employ The Buddy System

  1. Set a reoccurring “date” with your fitness friend of choice and stick with it. You are so much more likely to show up to the gym if you know your friend is waiting for you. Additionally, getting to hang out with a friend while getting work done is a great way to multi-task!
  2. Plan active hangouts with your friends aside from your workouts. They say that surrounding yourself with active people will help you become more active. Well, planning active get-togethers with your friends will also make you more active! Hit up a rock climbing gym for a Saturday afternoon adventure! Go bowling or mini-golfing! In this weather, maybe it’s time to dust of the sleds and find a hill to reconnect with your inner child. Even something as simple as walking to dinner or grabbing a cup of coffee and going for a stroll is a great way to make a social activity active and that much more fun.
  3. Don’t have a reliable buddy? Commit yourself to a group fitness class! To reap the benefits of the system even if you don’t have your own personal buddy, sign-up for some group classes! Group fitness classes are a great way to spend time with like-minded folks and get all the perks of a workout buddy. Group fitness is social, competitive, and who knows, you may even meet a new friend in class who will help you commit to showing up each week.
  4. It may be annoying to others, but use social media! Social media checkins are a great way to stay connected with buddies you may have in different area codes. I love seeing where Emily checks in and how she gets her fitness on in NYC, and that motivates me to want to share my workouts with her too! So snap a pic of yourself in your next barre class, or take a post-run #sweatyselfie and share it with your buddies. It will help you take pride, ownership, and be excited to share your next strong endeavor.

Hopefully these tips will help you reinvigorate your fitness plans for February. Remember, the friends that sweat together, stay together!

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