Tuesday Sweat: Upper Body Complex

In honor of Lina being off gallivanting in the sun and surf on her honeymoon while New York continues its love affair with starting every week with freezing rain, I’m sharing Part 1 of a quick, fun, do-anywhere workout that she put together for me to do last year while I was vacationing in Belize (look out for Part 2 next week). While this workout is certainly more fun done in a tropical setting (preferably next to an ocean you can cool off in immediately afterward), you can absolutely do it anywhere with enough space. Go forth and sweat!

30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
30 Seconds Donkey Kicks

    • 10 Push-Ups
    • 10 Plyometric Push-ups
    • 20 Arm Haulers
    • 10 Down Dog Push-Ups
    • 20 Tricep Dips
    • 20 Bicycle Crunches
    • 20 Single Leg Jack Knife Sit-ups

Finish with a full-out 30 second sprint (on the beach, into the water, high knees, whatever).

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