One More!

Here’s some short and sweet weekend motivation for you, stolen from my instructor and the owner of Krav Maga Academy, Matan Gavish. Last Friday, after nearly an hour of punches, kicks, and chokehold defenses, we partnered up for a last little bit of ab work — leg lifts, with a little twist. Or rather, a little punch.

It went like this: I laid flat on my back with my legs hovering a couple of inches off the ground. Keeping my legs straight, I raised them to 90 degrees, feet pointing toward the ceiling. Then I returned them to a hover and demanded, “One more!”, and my partner punched me in the stomach. Another leg lift. Another demand. “One more!” Another punch. Over and over. You get the picture.

Yes, this was great exercis for core strength and continuous engagement, but more than that, it was a drill for the mind. In any kind of attack or fight, your mindset is the most important thing. Even if you’re exhausted, terrified, and broken, you don’t show it. You ask for one more, just to show that you can take it. Just to remind yourself that you can take it.

Though many of us may never be in a physical fight, we will all come up against things or people in life who are trying to take us down. Don’t start from a place of defeat. Brace yourself. Engage your core. Let them know that you can take one more.

Happy weekend!

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