The Vacation Workout

Ok! So you’ve finally booked yourself a vacation to get out of the #Chiberian cold or cold from wherever you’re from. You are ready to bask in the sun, catch-up on your reading, maybe even let loose and imbibe some drinks and eat some tasty snacks. That sounds like such amazing fun!


But somewhere in your relaxed, margarita drinking state you begin to feel like you’re not quite yourself. Your body is craving some sweat, some movement, and some challenges – but you also want to be able to really take in the relaxation all around you – What Do You Do?!?!

Well, lucky for you, I went through this same dilemma on my last trip. We were on our honeymoon honeymooning all over Nicaragua, and both my husband and I started to get antsy – we REALLY wanted to sweat, to move, to get our heart-rates up, but we also had no desire to spend anywhere close to an hour at a gym.

Below is a workout that we repeated a few times on our trip. It’s another #SSSW (Short, Sweat, & Sweaty Workout) for you to add to your on-the-go arsenal.

Your Vacay Workout Recipe

Warm-Up: Easy suicide sprints. Take them at 75% of your max. find a patch of grass/sand/sidewalk and run quarter of the way and back, halfway and back, all the way and back. Repeat this for three rounds without stopping. Keep it at a jog pace and warm-up your body

The Workout:

  • 3 Rounds of Suicide Sprints
  • 20 Tricep Dips
  • 20 Step-Ups: 10 on the right leg, then 10 on the left leg
  • 10 Table Top Pass-throughs
  • REPEAT 3x


  • 25 Box Jumps

Take this workout with you on your next trip – whether for business or pleasure – and get your sweat and movement on without taking a huge chunk out of your day.

Exercise Images For Your Reference:

Vacay Workout

table top pull throughs

Table Top Pass-Through

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