Exhale & Smile to Brighten Your Day

Today’s post is going to be a short one. I just want to remind you today how truly AWESOME you really are. NOBODY is like you, NOBODY can be you, and only YOU get to have your life experiences. You are smart. You are capable. And you are hungry to live your best, fullest, happiest life ever – and you won’t settle for less. That’s something to be really proud of. But managing your awesomeness, managing all the amazing things you want to do with your life can leave you feeling stressed, unfulfilled, lonely, and frustrated. I know this, because I go through the same thing regularly – being frustrated with the present as I look to the future I want to build for myself. So do me a favor – when those thoughts and feelings creep up on you:

  1. Acknowledge them
  2. Go find a mirror and look at yourself
  3. Take in your whole face. Embrace the sparkle, the wisdom, the imperfections, the perfections
  4. Take a deep look into your own eyes and see past your face into your passions and ambitions. See your struggles and your successes. You’ve been through a lot and that’s what makes you, YOU – and that’s why you are the awesome person you are
  5. Take a deep breath in filling up your belly with fresh air, exhale and let all the thoughts that aren’t making you stronger leave with that exhale
  6. Now smile at yourself in the mirror and feel the peace and joy that breath and smile are bringing you in this moment. Research has shown that just putting a smile on your face can make you feel happier


Look at that beautiful smile! You’re ok. In fact, you’re better than ok. You’re a warrior, a fighter, a lover of life, a lover of a good challenge. The strength is in the struggle, and you my friend are STRONG. It’s wonderful to be ambitious, but let’s not lose sight of the great person you already are in the present moment. Look within, exhale, smile – and change the course of your day!

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