About Size Strong

After going through my own personal transformation and working in fitness for several years, I feel like there is a need for more emphasis on who we are and who we can become from the INSIDE out.

Size Strong is a community and resource for those who are passionate about fitness, health, and wellness. My aim is to be a positive and trustworthy resource for information about how to be your best, strongest, and healthiest self. Size Strong is about becoming your best self, not just looking it. Size Strong is about getting the tools, motivation, and support you need to learn how to live a wholly healthy life. It’s my belief that fitness is not a destination, it’s a journey. That fitness is not about how you look – it’s about how you FEEL and what you (as a whole person) can DO. I Am Size Strong and I encourage you to be too!

About Lina

Lina Headshot

Lina Belkin currently resides in downtown Chicago, where she works as the Chief Training Officer of The Barre Code, a nationally recognized chain of barre-based fitness studios. At The Barre Code, she trains, oversees and certifies instructors at their five Chicago studios and multiple franchise locations. She coaches, mentors, and travels regularly to ensure the quality and delivery of programming. When she’s not visiting the various Barre Code locations, Lina is designing new routines and refining their methodology.

Lina’s passion for health and fitness is firmly rooted in the belief that true wellness lies in holistic approach involving varied workouts, nutritious eating, and overall happy living. Lina has pursued much extracurricular education in the realm of nutrition, is Crossfit L1 certified, and has a certification in Olympic Weightlifting through USAW.

Lina’s own fitness regimen varies constantly. She teaches high intensity interval (HIIT), kickboxing, and barre classes and enjoys workouts that are both physically and mentally challenging. Most recently, she’s started to mix up her training with Martial Arts, heavy lifting, and lots of yoga. Lina loves to bake and spend time with her husband trying the many amazing culinary choices that Chicago has to offer.

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